MLM Sucks…

by mlmsuccesstips

MLM Sucks because:

“The False Lure of Multi-Level Marketing”

“MLM is a non-sustainable business model because it simply provides a product that has been marked up in price.”

“MLM is not really a business”

“We offend our friends and families”

“We create no real value”

“We endlessly recruit hopefuls who churn at the bottom of a pyramid while only those positioned at the top collect big checks”

“MLM is a distraction from a genuine vocational calling”

If you want to know who made these statements and how an M-L-M Millionaire elegantly gave his side of the story just click the link below and make sure you leave your thoughts and comments after reading the article…

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Shayno October 24, 2009 at 5:49 am

I agree with you – M – MLM sucks and has sucked for 67 years for the 97% who arn’t big recruiters. We have been sucked in to joining the next big MLM time after time only to be crushed again and again and then be told “it’s our fault” …..

As far as MLM being a real business….derrrr how can you have a 2 dimensional structure in a 3 dimensional world and expect to then have a real business… can’t build anything real with 2 dimensions.

Ok -M- all you say is fair enough and there are tens of millions of people worldwide that would agree with what you wrote…..that’s assuming the perfect structure to fixing this is never discovered.

So what would the perfect structure in this industry have that it doesn’t already…..what you’ve written above would be a start to make atleast you and me happy…..

How about a product that gives real value….not perceived. And is priced so millions can afford it and the distributor can easily and quickly make enough to cover autoship.

Has to have a 3 dimensional pay plan which is a real structure for a real world. And we want to be paid weekly :)

1.Pays the MOST Income in the SHORTEST Time Period with the FEWEST personally enrolled Business Builders.

2.Pays the MOST Income for the LONGEST Time Period on the LARGEST NUMBER of Customers in the data-base.

3.Pays The MOST Income to EVERYONE without ANYONE being crushed or left out.

And we don’t want to have to have to jump through hoops to qualify for income….

Also there has to be…
No give-ups
No group-volume
No Blockage
No balancing legs
No Caps
No breakaways

Also it’s got to have management who know what they are fricken doing….jeez how many people have been ripped off because management arn’t qualified to lead a million or billion dollar company.

Am i or the millions who have been told we are failure’s asking too much for a company to provide the aforementioned?

Well -M- luckily we don’t have to assume that the MLM industry will stay the same as it has for the last 67 years and keep crushing 97% people by using 2 dimensional math models….

Globalpreneurs has discovered the math model that will cause a massive paradigm shift because of it’s 3rd dimension……it DOES NOT leave out ANYONE.

It’s about bloody time -M-

PS I couldn’t get the story because when i clicked the link it said “page cannot be found”


mlmsuccesstips October 24, 2009 at 9:56 pm

Hi Shayno,

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment.

I’m sorry the link to the article does not work anymore. It was an article posted on the Central New York Business Journal and apparently they took it down.


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